Jana Trest (UN-D-629)
Sensing she would not show until he was alone, Belsen ordered his team should wait outside. When the team re-entered the building some 20 minutes, upon the alert of Belsen's half-brother Johan Vospar, they found Belsen dead, a stake through his heart and puncture wounds upon his neck.

Belsen was buried two days later with full precautions taken to prevent his rising, but by morning his grave was disturbed and his body missing. Locals said they had seen a young woman keeping vigil at his grave that night and had eventually left with an older man, neither had since returned.

Belsen's half brother Vospar, claimed to have crept back inside the warehouse, and heard the final exchange between the two enemies. If true - the evidence suggests that a heavily injured Belsen had been unable to defeat his foe and powerless to stop her final act of cruel revenge. (See evidence for Vospar's transcript of events)