Jana Trest (UN-D-629)
Within days of setting up their operation in Edinburgh, Belsen and his team went to work destroying any vampyre they encountered with a hope of drawing Trest out.

But Trest had bested him many times before, and though she knew he would not give up easily - she kept her people off the streets as his team unrelentingly hunted the undead.

Weeks past and realizing a showdown with Belsen was inevitable, she sent two of her vampyres out onto the streets, meaning for them to be caught and reveal the nest's location, while she prepared for their final confrontation.

On the morning of 17th October 1897, a titanic battle took place in an unused warehouse near the shipping port of Leith. At the conclusion an injured Belsen and too small a number of his team remained standing, with all other vampires fled or despatched. But yet Trest was not among those slain.