Jana Trest (UN-D-629)
Name: Jana Trest
Born: 12th September 1858, Bucharest
Geographical Unnatural Location:
Born In Romania. As vampyre leader of the "Immortal Sons" she terrorized Germany, Austria and Spain before heading to Britain. Trest has more recently been observed in China.
Unnatural Appearance: Due to her daemon blood her appearance is much the same now as it was when she was first turned in 1893.
Unnatural Abilities: As a vampyre, Trest has extremely fast reflexes, strength, endurance and speed.
Notes: The methods used to slay vampyres, has changed little over the centuries. As traditionally prescribed in folklore the most effective methods of slaying a vampyre are Sunlight, Staking or Beheading. Garlic, Holy Water or the sign of a cross may also have an effect on the daemon to a lesser extent.