Jana Trest (UN-D-629)
Like most children of the 50s I was raised on a steady diet of Hammer Horror films. Since then I've always had a particular fascination with the vampyre accounts.

There are many examples of vampyre nests recorded in the book over the last thousand years, but none have had the success and notoriety as the nest led by Jana Trest.

Trest, a Romanian by birth, was leader of a feared 'family' of vampyres called the "Immortal Sons", who terrorised the major cities of Europe and later Britain, in the late 19th century.

Despite being tracked all over Europe by the best vampyre hunter of that era - Jana Trest and her vampyre followers to this day remain at large. Proving that the will to live, is even stronger when you're dead.

H. Jackson - 26/04/2003