Jana Trest (UN-D-629)
Kneeling beside him, she unexpectedly offered him a wooden stake and turns it upon herself, inviting he should finish them both, and says, "I am tired of this now, finish us both, let it end now, old friend".

Without hesitation my brother grabs at the offered stake - but he is not quick enough, in less than a heartbeat she has the stake again and turns it upon him, forcing it through his chest.

With his last breath my brother congratulated the daemon on her victory - but assured her, that another would take his place to hunt her down - she smiled and told him that it was not yet over between the two. It was then I think my brother realized her intention. He [Belsen] grabs at the stake trying to tear it free, but she lays a hand on his and bites down on his neck. I try to move - but I cannot - and she is gone - and I have failed.