Jana Trest (UN-D-629)
1. Against Belsen's orders Johan Vospar, claimed to have returned to the warehouse concerned at his half brother's health. But he discovered that Belsen was not alone. The vampyre Trest was also present. The following transcript, relayed by Vospar, many times up until his death, is the only clue as to what took place between the two great enemies that night.

Translated from Romanian

She floated down from the rafters above and in our native language, greeted him as an old friend. Belsen spat and cursed at her, if she had emotions, I would say she looked offended. My brother charged at her - stake held high, as if he knew he would lose this fight before it began.

The vampyre easily wrestled the stake from his hand and pushed him to the ground, exhausted from the fight; he could not keep her away.