Woodland Troll (UN-B-717)
The bridge was flowing with humans seeking passage over the river. A fee for anyone wishing to make use of the bridge was charged, which would be collected in a box at the far end. Those who neglected to pay would find themselves unceremoniously dumped into the river, through use of a trapdoor that the trolls had built and operated from within the safety of a hidden access area.

There was little the River Trolls could do to respond, a biological fear of heights made them unable to retaliate - and only helped to deepen a rivalry that lasts to the present day.

The success of the Troll bridge was copied by Woodland Trolls across the country. On the whole the Trolls continued to remain hidden from sight, but on occaision might amuse themselves at night, by confronting a singular pedestrian to demand a higher fee. But they picked their targets wisely, a drunk or a thief that no one would believe.