Woodland Troll (UN-B-717)
The young Woodland Trolls, watched with growing impatience as the River Trolls made successful trade with the humans by ferrying them across rivers in exchange for currency or livestock.

Elterwod, a young Troll whose name would become infamous amongst the Troll species, took it upon himself to persuade the elders that interaction with the humans could only be a be a positive step.

While the River Trolls native to the forests of North Devon, were away en masse at the annual festival of "Shay Na," - Elterwod and several other Trolls who shared his belief, used the opportunity to build a fine bridge over the river at the point that the River Trolls ferried the humans across.

Upon the River Trolls return, three weeks later, they found that their business venture had quite literally been taken to altogether higher level.