Woodland Troll (UN-B-717)
Halflings, 'wee-folk' or Trolls are all terms to describe the small but significant creatures that occupied the ancient woodlands of Britain during the middle years. Living in colonies of around 70-100, these extended families of Trolls, would often set up home on the edge of forests near human settlements.

The Trolls saw little in the human character to be wary of. But due to the Trolls' diminutive size, the Troll Elders decided they could not compete on equal terms and should limit their exposure with human society.

The Woodland Trolls used fear and superstition to perpetuate the belief of the haunted ancient woods. Wind chimes and the Trolls natural quick movement through the undergrowth encouraged the more curious human not to venture deep into the forest. But the Woodland Troll's natural enemies, the River Trolls, a more social breed, had no such inhibitions about making contact with humans.