Woodland Troll (UN-B-717)
Name: British Woodland Troll
Born: n/a
Geographical Unnatural Location: British Woodland Troll colonies could once be found in most of the UK Ancient Woodlands. Non native Woodland Trolls can also be found living in woodland in much of Northern Europe.
Unnatural Appearance: Woodland Trolls are typically short in height and lean in stature. An adult male would likely reach a height of between 1 to 2' (30-60 cms) tall. These creatures are perfectly formed for life in a forest. They possess long claws on both hands and feet for climbing, large eyes for night vision and wide ears that affords them excellent hearing abilities.
Unnatural Abilities: These wiry creatures make the most of their physiology. Quick in movement and with a natural understanding of the forests they inhabit makes them a formidable oppenent in their natural surrounding. Claws on their appendages would make them a dangerous foe.