Woodland Troll (UN-B-717)
The population of British Woodland Troll has declined so much in the past 100 years that it is feared that this ancient species could soon become extinct.

Demographic studies carried out by the Guilds' own researchers in 1978 showed that from a population that once numbered thousands (11th century); there are now only a dozen active Woodland Troll colonies in the UK. By the time of the next scheduled survey, future projections show there may be as few as 3 colonies (a population of 250).

The decline in the Woodland Troll population has fallen in line with the deforestation of Britain's ancient forests. In the past 80 years, half of the UK's ancient woodland has been cleared to make way for agriculture and conifer plantations. What remains, now takes up just 2% of the area once covered by forests. To put that in perspective, by comparison, for all the deforestation during the last two decades, about 90% of the Amazon rainforest still stands. [Source: Woodland Trust]