Woodland Troll (UN-B-717)
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Shortly, the poker was glowing hot, and as he approached the cot he began to see through the veil of deception that had fooled them all. The small creature's identity was revealed, and in a instant the troll leapt from it's cot, and clambered up the chimney with unnatural ability, laughing and taunting all the way. Thomas gave chase, but was unable to follow him. A small cry from the doorstep stopped him trying and upon opening the door, found his true child returned.

Trolls are very family orientated and it unlikely that one would steal from another. This tale and other similar are now believed to be an early example of an urban myth, perhaps used as a cautionary tale for new parents.

Right: A lithograph of a Troll Home appeared in a children's book, published in 1923 entitled "The Secret Woodlanders". Though idealised somewhat the representation of a troll accomodation is fairly accurate.