Woodland Troll (UN-B-717)
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She told him that the ailing infant was not his son, but had been replaced by a "halfling" Troll.

At first he dismissed her wild story, but as the time neared when he would have to return home to face his distraught wife, he invited the old woman to his table at the alehouse and begged her to tell him of how he could regain his child.

With hope scarce from any other quarter he reluctantly returned home to try the old woman's cure. His wife had since retired to bed, but the ailing infant was still asleep in its bed. Quietly and carefully he carried the cot near the fireplace, and gently set about enlivening the embers that still flickered in the grate. Before too long, a fire danced lively before him, and began to heat the poker staff.

With the heat from the fire, the infant started to stir, but Thomas Lowenstoft stayed true to his task for fear of losing his resolve.