The Last (UN-D-0064)
Morbudus arrived at the capital city to a much different scene than the glorious return he had envisaged. Instead he found the capital city in ruins, dead Maahn lay in the streets - killed months earlier at the hands of the humans, The Maahn, who in their weaken state, were no match for the primitive hunters. Careful to avoid detection Morbudus crept to the Emperorís Palace and recovered the last writings of the Maahn, safely protected in casing impenetrable to the human raiders.

Morbudus added several of his own entries to the great work including the story of his futile quest detailed in this report. He continued to add to the writings, has he travelled the land as a displaced witness to the rise the new humans. In his final entry Morbudus wrote that while he had eventually found a way to defeat the virus - the new species of man, was itself, an uncontrolled virus that would not be stopped. It would spread across the Earth bringing death and destruction faster than the virus that had wiped out the Maahn and that no Daemon species would be safe on Earth again.


The Last