The Last (UN-D-0064)
Morbudus left once more but pledged to return with a cure to save the surviving Maahn.

Years passed without further success. But just as he was beginning to lose all hope, he encountered the first of the returning new humans from the land bridge across to the main Eurasian continent.

Concealed close by, he studied the tribe who seemed to thrive in the rising temperature. Stealthily he introduced the virus to one of the tribe. As with every other creature exposed to the virus, the young human at first grew ill. But within days her condition improved and soon showed no discernable long-term effect to the virus.

Certain, that he had at last discovered a natural antibody to the virus in the primitive bipeds; he performed extensive surgery on the human. The effects were startling; he began to recover some strength almost immediately. Physically and mentally renewed he started his long journey back home as saviour of his species.


Modern Human