The Last (UN-D-0064)
Yet the few beasts that showed signs of resistance, gave him hope, though time was short as the number of unaffected Maahn grew smaller each passing month. Eventually his search for a natural antidote among the beasts of the land became exhausted and his search spread to other sentient Daemon species.

Injecting the acquired clean cells into his own blood, had slowed the virusí path - but his own body was increasingly faltering. He began to take organs and limbs from his victims, as his own became withered preventing him from working efficiently.

For over 30 years Morbudus scavenged from other races he encountered, any that showed signs of natural resistance to the virus became his unwilling test subjects. His own appearance changed, as he incorporated the transplants to his own physiology. Bearing little resemblance to the Daemon he once was, Morbudus had become little more than a patched up Frankensteinís Monster.


The Last