The Last (UN-D-0064)
Before long, few of the Maahnís offspring made it to their second year and those that did were weak and died younger than they should. Soon the parents were outliving their children and it was certain to all that this present generation of the Maahn would be the last.

The councilís laws that forbid experimentation on other species were hindering Morbudusí research. Certain that he could slow the virus, by introducing clean cells from other species to the infected host, he knew he must leave to continue his research outside the binds of the Maahnís ethical codes.

Leaving behind the only home he knew, Morbudus travelled the length and breadth of the land, introducing the virus to every species he encountered. The mighty woolly Mammoths, sabre tooth tigers and other native species quickly fell to the virus, wiping them from the planet as swiftly as it had the Maahn.


The Last