The Last (UN-D-0064)
10,000 years ago the last ice age ended and Britain entered the current warm phase - known as the Holocene period. The climate warmed and the ice sheets that had covered Britain for over 8000 years began to recede.

But while the rising temperature would soon encourage the return of the humans, who had abandoned Britain when the cold set in, it would also herald the end of the Maahn - one of Earth’s oldest resident Daemon species.

A virulent virus, that had lay dormant in the ice, became active spreading quickly and fatally through the Maahn population. Within the first year over 200 Maahn had fallen to the virus, by the end of the first decade ten times that number. The Maahn’s leading physicians toiled in vain to find a way to halt the spread of the disease, and few worked as tirelessly as Morbudus, a devoted physician of the Emperor, but despite his efforts and that of his colleagues, the source of the virus continued to elude them.


The Maahn