The Last (UN-D-0064)
Name: The Last - Morbudus of the Maahn
Date of Occurrence: Approximately 10,000 years ago
Geographical Unnatural Location: West Eurasian Continent
Unnatural Appearance: The ‘last ‘chose to transplant limbs and organs from victims, in his effort to slow the path of the disease, as a result his own body changed physical appearance greatly. Historical testimonies of the likeness of the last varied greatly - it is certain that at the end of his life he no longer bore any resemblance to the species he endeavoured to save.
Unnatural Abilities: The Maahn possess no exceptional abilities, apart from having a customary life expectancy of around 400 years.
Notes: The virus, to which the humans were immune, was in all likelihood a mild human disease from the time they first occupied the land, probably before the Maahn colonists’ arrival on Earth.


The Last