The Last (UN-D-0064)
Since the rise of Modern man 30,000 years ago, most have believed that Humanity has always been the dominant species on Earth. But during that period, humanity shared the land with several potential rival Daemon species, that had Earth’s history been shaped differently, may have become the principal power of the planet.

The last of the great ancient Daemon visitors to be present on Earth in large numbers was the Maahn, an ancient and proud society, who arrived on Earth from their own world approximately 20,000 years ago and lived alongside the early humans in an uneasy truce.

18,000 years ago saw the peak of the last great ice age, and while the humans fled the land that would eventually become the British Isles in search of warmer climates, the Maahn enjoyed an unparalleled period of prosperity and peace in the freezing and sterile landscape, that would endure almost 8,000 years.


The Last