The Last (UN-D-0064)
1. The Diagra Ma’neel - ‘An account of a people’, consisted of two illustrated volumes containing an impressive description of the history of the Maahn species and the accomplishments of this particular Earth colony.

The books provide an intriguing record of the history of the Maahn species on Earth, including a selection of examples of their literature, art and music and includes a chapter of apologies to species that they may have wronged in their past.

The ‘Diagra Ma’neel came into the Keepers Guild possession 600 years ago. It has provided the Guilds researchers with a wealth of information regarding the fate of the Maahn and a useful insight into the rise of modern man.

The Guild finally made contact with the Maahn homeworld just 320 years ago. But the Maahn believed that humanity was responsible for the attack of their colonists - and have refuted any offerings of friendship or alliance with Earth.


Diagra Ma’neel