Swamp Stalkers (UN-B-4139)
In an act of defiance, Blythe pitched his tent just yards from the waterline, while the Sheriff privately persuaded by Swift’s story settled down for the evening in the safety of his police vehicle, just off the main access road.

Inevitably within the hour, Timothy Blythe was dead.

Sheriff Lynch however survived the night due to the timely intervention of Jason Swift, who had followed the pair to the swamp and had assisted the Sheriff to flee the angry creatures.

The Sheriff reported that sometime after 12.15am he had awoke to the sound of a shotgun, to see the creatures approaching his vehicle with steady determination. Behind them Blythe’s lifeless body could be seen at the waterline.

The Sheriff then described how Swift had continued to delay the creatures approach with gunfire, until he was able to start the vehicle and make their escape.


Sheriff Lynch