Swamp Stalkers (UN-B-4139)
Swift recounted how a ferocious battle had taken place in Reedy Creek and in a single night how the Swamp Stalkers had slaughtered almost every Clan warrior. Only when the Chief eventually withdrew what remained of his people from the Creek did the creatures relent their vicious assault.

Around the table, the assembled officials listened to the story incredulously. Although outwardly disregarding the tale, the businessmen were starting to have doubts of the future of the venture.

But Blythe, still convinced of the financial value of the land, attempted to keep his partners interested in the deal. During a heated exchange, Blythe was challenged by one of the group to spend a night at the Creek and prove Swift’s story unfounded. Blythe confidently agreed.

On the evening of April 28th, accompanied by local Sheriff, P.J. Lynch, Blythe made his way to Reedy Creek.

Jason Swift