Swamp Stalkers (UN-B-4139)
A bloody trail led back to the shore of the partly drained swamp.

Although a few sketchy stories made the early editions of the papers (see evidence), the full extent of the story never made it into the public domain.

Behind the news blackout however, local Officials pledged to continue to drain the swamp to find the murderers, at this point in the investigation still largely presumed to be alligators.

But Jason Swift, an American Indian and Timucua heritage expert, was soon to put the killerís identity into doubt, when he interrupted an emergency meeting between local officials and the landowners of Reedy Creek.

He told the assembled group of a story passed down through his ancestry, of reptilian creatures that lived in the wetlands, Swamp Stalkers, who the Timucua people had the misfortune to encounter several hundred years earlier, while hiding out from American forces.

Jason Swift