Swamp Stalkers (UN-B-4139)
In 1965 Entrepreneur Walt Disney started to make large land purchases across Central Florida, prompting one of the biggest wetland reclamation periods in history.

The famous vacation resort opened in 1971, bringing both population and economic growth to the Orlando area, but the cost to the natural environment was severe.

Across Central Florida, work began draining forgotten stretches of ancient swamp, to create viable land on which to build hotels and services to accommodate the predicted influx of visitors to the state.

One of the most controversial swamps earmarked for drainage was Reedy Creek in northwestern Osceola County, a submerged wetland that stretched over several acres. The owners of the swamp, a group of International businessmen headed by Briton Timothy Blythe, had been watching the new tourist opportunities in Orlando with keen interest.

Timothy Blythe