Swamp Stalkers (UN-B-4139)
Humanity’s obsession for exploration has meant there are few places on Earth that remain truly undiscovered. The desire for more land has seen humans invent new ways to reclaim previously uninhabitable locations and in a generation populate so completely, so as to forget that anything else ever occupied that land.

The unwelcoming environment of Central Florida Wetlands was one such location. The humid climate and numerous insects had kept humans from settling on the land for centuries. But all that changed when an entrepreneur saw the value in this unwanted area and transformed the subtropical wetlands into the top vacation destination in the world.

During that period many native species were destroyed in the reclamation of the land, but one of the inhabitants of the swamp, a colony of ancient Unnaturals, were not about to give up their home to the human invaders, resulting in one of the most brutal attacks ever recorded on humans by an Unnatural.
Hamilton Jackson - 20/06/2008

Swamp Stalkers