Swamp Stalkers (UN-B-4139)
1. Financial incentives and peer pressure ensured that the massacre was not widely reported. In fact only one newspaper had any coverage of the incident at all.

An early edition of the Sentinel dated April 18th 1971 ran a story reporting on the disappearance of the drainage crew, but no follow up report ever appeared.

2. A recent proposal to build a public toll road linking Polk and Osceola has brought Reedy Creek to the Guild’s attention once more. The application, tentatively approved by the Conservancy group, will see construction take place on 1.2 square miles of the wetland.

Although not passing directly through the area that the Stalkers have so savagely protected in the past, the Guild remains concerned of this latest development. As less than one mile will separate the public from one of the most primal and savage Unnaturals ever recorded.

Newspaper Front Page April 17th 1971