Somnium Daemon (UN-D-6937)
Eventually on the second night Wooldridge succumbed to sleep only to have Merrywale's taunting figure appear to him as he dreamt. Though the detective testified he could not remember the exact detail, he spoke of feeling 'threatened' by the suspect.

Convinced beyond all doubt that he would have been the next victim, were he not such a light sleeper, Wooldridge requested Merrywale be transferred to London for further questioning. The request was to be denied. Despite the detective's instincts, he could find no way to link Merrywale to the crimes and was ordered to free the suspect.

During the next few months Wooldridge became obsessed with Merrywale and undertook extensive research into his background. He discovered that Merrywale had arrived in England via New York from Kailua Kona, Hawaii in 1911.


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