Somnium Daemon (UN-D-6937)
Her husband had detested army life and had always held a particular hatred of the insects that covered them every step of the way of the campaign. Following Wooldridge's pointedly questioning, Mrs Towers acknowledged that insects that were often the subject of her husband's nightmares.

Detective Wooldridge was also able to ascertain, through extensive interviews of the two other victims' colleagues, history that could be traced to show a direct correlation between the manner of death and a fear or intense phobia of the victim

While Wooldridge was adamant he had discovered the common link, the murderer and the execution of the crime remained elusive to him.

The breakthrough Wooldridge had been waiting for came in May 1915, when Police in Leeds requested Wooldridge's aid in the investigation of the unusual death of a sailor on leave from the HMS Livingston.


Detective Grayston Wooldridge