Somnium Daemon (UN-D-6937)
Detective Wooldridge immediately travelled to Birmingham to survey the scene for himself.

Mosquito bites saturated the body of Mr Towers and the coroner concluded he had died of blood poisoning. The wife of the deceased owner of the Towers Steel Company had claimed that her husband, who frequently suffered from nightmares, had woken in the night in great distress. But she had managed to soothe his anguish and her husband had seemingly returned to sleep.

Only in the morning did Mrs Towers discover her husband would not wake from his sleep and raised the alarm. Mrs Helena Towers was adamant that no other person had been in the house that night, and she herself was unhurt.

Mrs Towers revealed that her husband had worked hard to build the company from the ground after a dismal army career in the Crimea.


Mr Morris H Towers