Somnium Daemon (UN-D-6937)
Though the pattern would suggest that the remaining victim might have had a fear of heights - No associates of this victim came forward to verify the theory.

Wooldridge concluded in his final report of August 1911, that he believed the crimes were connected. He noted the fact that all the victims were all discovered in bed or in an apparent state of rest and at least two of the victims had died of something that they held a great fear of was of paramount importance to solving the crime. However, without further testimony or evidence there was nothing more for Wooldridge to do, than file the cases as unsolved.

Eight months later a similar series of 'unique' deaths occurred in a Birmingham steel factory, on the outskirts of the great industrial city. The owner of the successful steel foundry, Morris H Towers, and two foundry workers, were found dead, again seemingly victims of their own greatest fears.


Mr Morris H Towers