Somnium Daemon (UN-D-6937)
Furthermore friends declared that the victim, Arthur Hollis, had always been terrified of water and had took great pains to avoid the docks on his journey to work, even though on his most direct route.

The second victim, Thomas Lester had died through an infection of severe burns that covered his whole body that witness testified were not present only hours before. In addition the room Lester had been discovered in, remained free of any fire damage

The victim, Wooldridge discovered, had once been a fireman, who had retired from active duty, following a horrific blaze in a theatre in which he had been unable to rescue a family. Though cleared of any blame, associates claimed he had developed an intense phobia of fire since that time.

The final victim had sustained injuries that suggested he had fallen from a great height.


Detective Grayston Wooldridge