Somnium Daemon (UN-D-6937)
Knowing that no court in England would ever convict a man based on native superstition, and Merrywale would never leave evidence of his crimes, Wooldridge decided more direct intervention was required to keep him from murdering again.

Wooldridge continued to closely follow Merrywale's movements and when the next fitting unsolved murder case dropped on to his desk, he ensured that appropriate incriminating evidence was placed at Merrywale's accommodation.

Following the discovery of the evidence, planted by Wooldridge, Merrywale was charged and subsequently sentenced for the murder and the attempted robbery of a popular East End publican.

In October 1917, Merrywale was taken to Belmarsh prison to begin his 20-year prison sentence. Within a month of his arrival at Belmarsh, Merrywale was transferred to solitary confinement at a nearby mental institution, when his sleeping habits or lack thereof, began to unsettle other prisoners.


Somnium Daemon