Somnium Daemon (UN-D-6937)
In May 1911, three inexplicable deaths occurred in low-cost accommodation in Soho, London on consecutive nights. The police arrested Graham Docaclees, the disreputable landlord of the lodgings, on suspicion of carrying out the murders.

But though the infrequency of payment from his tenants gave Docaclees probable cause, a confirmed alibi forced the local law enforcement to eventually free the only suspect of the crimes.

The unsolved murders caused quite a stir in London. Memories had not quite yet faded of the notorious killing spree perpetrated by 'Jack the Ripper' and the grip of fear he held on the city only twenty years earlier. Residents were rightly uneasy, as newspapers declared that there was a new "Ripper in the City".

Though the newspapers editors declared the motiveless crimes were the work of a serial killer, the police were more inclined to believe that the deaths were unrelated and coincidental.


Newspaper -  London Tribune