Somnium Daemon (UN-D-6937)
Notes: While in England the Somnium Daemon would in all likelihood have crossed into the dreams of many humans. However, only nine deaths have been attributed to the Daemon. It seems certain that death only occurred in those victims who were prone to suffering from nightmares. In these cases it is believed that the human mind was unable to cope with the perceived attack and convinced the body they the nightmare scenarios were factual reality. Whether the deaths were intentional and provided the Daemon with some sort of advantage or satisfaction, or were merely accidental as a result of his presence remains uncertain. But it is clear that whether the dreamer's deaths were through accident or design, the Somnium had little regard for human safety, continuing to cross into sleepers' minds time and again for his own benefit.

However his time in solitary confinement at the St George Mental institution denied him access to others minds, and almost certainly contributed to his early death.


Somnium Daemon