Scarecrow (UN-C-418)
Two years later the sad news of the death of the Great Witch Haden, reached the village. It was shortly after this news that the villagers of Backwater began to notice an increase in the unnatural evil, which previously had been bound to their Village Square, spread across their land, as the energy of the Great Witch's cast faded.

One month after the funeral of the Witch, the appointed Watchman, while carrying out his patrolling duties, discovered the body of a young tailor in the Village Square. Reports suggested that the victim was found impaled on a branch of one of the trees. The branch forced straight through the young man's heart.

The Petty Constable - Constable Grove recorded in his written report to the Guardian of the Peace, that the murderer had used the superstition of the village to hide the real motive of the attack. But the Villagers knew better, this was not the first strange death to occur in the past few months - [ see evidence ] and the evil continued to grow.