Scarecrow (UN-C-418)
And of the night, the men would celebrate their success in a drunken revelry in plain view of their struggling neighbours.

It was about that time that the Great White Witch 'Hedan' was returning from the "Dark Cast" crusades, and upon hearing that she would be resting nearby, the Villagers decided in a hastily arranged meeting, to purchase the services of the Witch to rid themselves of the troublesome band.

A collection was started, and soon every man had contributed whatever he could afford. A messenger set out to make the proposal to the Great Witch, and successful, returned with her to the village on that very same night.

On a cold and silent October evening, the Witch stole upon the drunken group, and having been handsomely paid, carried out an ancient incantation that transmogrified each man into a tree.