Scarecrow (UN-C-418)
In 1345, a group of powerful and wealthy landlords all but controlled the population of the Midland Village of Backwater.

Greedy and ruthless the three companions were despised by the population of the Village. Between them they owned most of the land of the Ward - and became landlords to farmer and tradesmen alike.

The men burdened the Villagers with heavy taxes, and before long every family in the area owed the landlords debts that could never be repaid. Those brave enough to speak up against their unfairness were swiftly and silenced, so soon not one man would stand against them.

On the last day of each month the three men would hold court in the Village Square, to collect the heavy taxes that they imposed on their tenants. If the payments were not, or could not be met, the punishment would be harsh - pleas for leniency were flatly rejected.