Scarecrow (UN-C-418)
Unnatural Abilities: (cont..) But the Keeper during this incident, Keeper Goode, was not convinced of the suggestion that the men were able to murder while still bound in the Witches powerful cast. He surmised that murder was not uncommon in Middle England, and the paranoia and perhaps guilt of the Villagers played a large part in what they might have imagined they had saw. However - over 87 testaments from Backwater Villagers were recorded as to being witness to the unnatural events that took place.

Notes: Many Farmers found a use for the burnt remains of the cursed trees. They found that placing a handkerchief of the ashes, in the top pocket of effergies hung in their fields was an effective way to keep birds from their newly sown crop, and while no more of the original ashes remain today, the practice of using bird scarers or "scarecrows" has continued..