Scarecrow (UN-C-418)
Name: "Scarecrows of Backwater" - Formerly Oliver and William Cannock and Henry Balfour
Born: Mid 14th Century - "Middle Ages"
Geographical Unnatural Location:
Backwater, West Evesham, England
Unnatural Appearance: Though originally three young wealthy and ordinary men, a powerful curse, transformed or encased them in the form of trees. But a weakening of the cast, upon the death of the Witch who had performed the spell, enabled the cursed men to regain, some control over their tree like form.
Unnatural Abilities: Once the cast had weakened it was possible that the minds of these men were able to exercise some control of the living tree. It is also possible the unnaturalness of the trees, could have resulted in the destruction of other vegetation in the area.