Scarecrow (UN-C-418)
As is often the case, when young men have power and money given to them, before they have had opportunity to earn it - they lose themselves in the pleasures that wealth affords.

Through their private fortunes, and inherited titles, the two brothers William and Oliver Cannock, along with their friend, Henry Balfour, ruled the village, with a ruthlessness and callousness, that showed no pity for their less fortunate neighbours. Outstanding debts were harshly pursued and the men were despised throughout the ward. Any villager who spoke out against their cruelty was swiftly and brutally dealt with.

But in a time when the burden of law and order fell on the community as a whole, the villagers had methods at their disposal, which are not so easily available today, to avenge their mistreatment. Set against a backdrop of great turmoil, this report reminds us that the powers of the unnatural always come at a price.
H. Jackson - 22/03/2003