Scarecrow (UN-C-418)
2. Watchman Portland Bovis was the first to find the victim impaled on the branch of the tree, and in accordance of law, raised a Hue and cry on finding the body, [In the middle ages, the whole community was responsible for law enforcement. One method at the Watchman's disposal was the calling of a "Hue and Cry". This meant that anyone wronged could request everyone in a community to chase the criminal, simply by calling on them to do so. If they failed they would face punishment themselves - HJ]

Scores of villagers turned out ready to give assistance to track down the murderer. Despite a nights search - no one was caught, and the search called off.

This was the first unusual find - but not the last - 3 months later a betrothed couple were found hanging from an oak trees, two weeks after this a prized mare inexplicably collapsed after shortly passing the Square, It's unseated rider crushed underneath the weight of the stricken horse.