Scarecrow (UN-C-418)
Darke Cast crusades - 1301-1351
So In 1298 the council of White Witch Covens made the announcement to disband those Covens that practised the dark arts, and those in particular that made use of the "Darke Casts", with severe penalties should Darke Casts be performed.

Several "Darke Covens" based largely in England, rejected the proposal that they should no longer be allowed to practise their art and voluntarily left the Coven system that governed all Witches of Europe at that time.

Alarmed at the power that these new and now independent "Darke Cast" covens commanded a decision was made that they must be forced to disband.

Thousands of White Witches/Warlocks were called to join the "crusade" against the new covens - the battle that ensued was swift and merciless - Against a determined and overwhelming foe, the "Darke Cast" covens soon became splintered.