Pirates of Devil's Cove (UN-C-739)
They tried taking other ships, and every other action that they could conceive to break the hold, but each time they would find themselves back ashore, as if the sea itself did not wish them to go.

On seeing the pirate's difficulties, the residents of Devil's Cove saw an opportunity to rid themselves of their unwelcome guests. A message was promptly sent to the navy, and a few days later Admiral Parker and his three ships with a combined power of 100 guns cautiously approached the cove.

Parker had meticulously planned his assault. On the June 13th 1674, a final confrontation ended in the sinking of the Bloody Molly with a loss of all hands. Despite the King's insistence on wishing to see the pirate captain's body for himself, no member of the pirate crew were ever retrieved from the seas, as the rocky and dangerous coastline off Devil's Cove made any such recovery impossible.