Pirates of Devil's Cove (UN-C-739)
Try as they might they could not locate the island, despite a knowledge of the seas in this area that was second to none. For the pirates aboard the Bloody Molly, it was as if the island never existed.

Exhausted from their numerous attempts to revisit the island and a heavily laden ship with all the treasures they had plundered while searching the seas of the West Indies, the crew desired to return home, piracy no longer held the attraction it once had. While Captain Jones preferred to remain, on threat of mutiny, Jones conceded and ordered the ship to return to England.

Many weeks later the Bloody Molly returned to their homeport off Devil's Cove. On reaching shore, the pirates hid their treasure haul then strolled into the harbour town, as the men tried to put the trials of the last two years behind them.

As usual the pirates drank to excess and did largely as they pleased, as the townspeople did all that they could to ensure they were not in the way.