Pirates of Devil's Cove (UN-C-739)
In 1655 Britain had seized rule of Jamaica from the Spanish. Over the next several years it established itself at the very centre of trading commerce. It wasn't long before Captain 'gallows' Jones turned his full attention to this part of the West Indies and in particular to the heavily laden and vulnerable trading ships that operated to and from the emerging Eastern American seaports.

While resting one night from their excessive celebrations following a major haul, the drunken crew of the Bloody Molly made camp in a small hidden port in the south of the West Indian island of Hispaniola (now Haiti).

But the crew were not welcome here; a holy man from the village that overlooked their sleeping place on the beach below, called upon guidance from the 'spirits of the dead'. Creeping among the unconscious men he placed a 'voodoo' curse on each of the unsuspecting crew, as they lay asleep.

A sleep from which none of them would wake.