Pirates of Devil's Cove (UN-C-739)
They would attack ships and towns, taking whatever they wished; no man who opposed them lived to tell the story.

But Captain William "gallows" Jones, so called on the account of times the hangman had tried to put a noose around his neck, was the worst of all.

Captain Gallows Jones, a man of no compassion led the vicious crew of the Bloody Molly, by fear and force. But the rate of their success was undisputable.

Inevitably, the pirates' activities drew the attention of the both Spanish and British navies. However, the pirate's frigate - the Bloody Molly, formerly the HMS Swift (the King's personal ship taken from her crew on its inaugural launch in 1662) was more than a match for any ship on the high seas.

A faster and better-armed ship it would be hard to find in the serving fleets.