Pirates of Devil's Cove (UN-C-739)
The crew of the 'Bloody Molly' held a company of such violent and black-hearted men that had never before been seen in one crew.

Scourge of the West Indian seas, the men of the Bloody Molly under the captaincy of the infamous William 'gallows' Jones, set sail from their home port of Devil's Cove, Southern Cornwall in the year of 1661 and it was here that they would periodically return to hide their ill gotten gains and riotously celebrate their success.

The pirates of Devil's Cove were not particularly intelligent, nor did they possess the clarity of planning and astuteness, that set apart some of the more renowned pirates of the day. But what they lacked in guile they more than made up for in violence and brute force.

No target was too small or too big, no ship was too heavily guarded, and no door could be closed to them.