Pirates of Devil's Cove (UN-C-739)
Unnatural Abilities: They continued to pursue their vocation even after the curse, while they searched in vain for the island of Haiti, but feeling no pain they often didn't realise they had lost limbs and occurred injuries until much later after the event. A sight that probably only added to their fearsome reputation.
Notes: Piracy was a popular form of employment during the 17th and early 18th century.

The world had started to open for trade, and there was no alternative than to move that valuable cargo from the new world colonies back to the European powers than in heavily laden ships.

Being an Island nation, many British men found gainful employ serving on the seas.

For those who were not cut out for navy duties, a career as a privateer was a profitable and legal choice. Similarly Buccaneers though rarely having valid commissions, were seldom bothered as long as they only attacked enemy ships.