Pirates of Devil's Cove (UN-C-739)
Name: Devil's Cove Pirates
Born: The crew began their successful career around 1661 and continued until 1674 - Though the crew were cursed in 1670 and effectively died - they continued to practise piracy until their ship was sunk by the Royal Navy in 1674.
Geographical Unnatural Location: Based in Southern Cornwall, their preferred port of harbour was a small anchorage lying just off the coastal town of Devil's Cove, which afforded them numerous coastline caves in which they hid their vast treasure hauls.
Unnatural Appearance: When the Haitian holy man placed the curse on the villainous crew, they did not change in appearance, save from one thing, internally every organ stopped - The curse placed on them effectively turned them into what are commonly thought of as "zombies " - walking dead.
Unnatural Abilities: Though they gained no special strengths through the curse, they still retained their skills and abilities that had made them such successful pirates.